Craftsmen of fabric

Fashion and craftsmanship, innovation and tradition come together in a brand new character, young, born from the desire to enrich the Italian art style with vivid and outstanding material, which embodies all the magic and wonder of nature. Fabric and wood merge together to create a new conception of clothing, a new lifestyle, a new concept of elegance and simplicity, a series of unique dresses, made to fit and able to express the person's who wears it character.
Nowadays there exists a demanding female audience,
who shows creativity on her own way, often in an outgoing manner, who look for for a particular inspiration in the way they dress.
Women want to surprise and be surprised.
Design your own wardrobe outside the box,
always showing style and elegance.
Fancy Wood responds precisely to this creative research.

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...and woodworkers

Fancy Wood style is defined by the emotion tied to the use of natural materials that are environmentally friendly and creates a sense of unity; the processed wood is carved by hand with special design encloses the wearer's emotions and captures the attention of who's around you.

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Fancy wood Girl In Autumnal Forest
Fancy woodworking
Fancy wood
Fancy wood