Fancy Wood working

Fancy Wood designs and craft custom clothes which give the customer the opportunity to actively participate in the stylistic design of the lead so that it can transmit most of the emotions that they envisioned.

The PRODUCTION begins with the artistic design of the garment and wood, deciding the source of inspiration, whatever that is, physical or abstract, is created as a sketch by hand then finished on the computer.

Once that the starting point has been created, then we proceed with engineering design, i.e. the definition of materials to be used with great care to combine the best of both creative and functional and aesthetic effects. This phase covers both the woven and the wood; even for the latter must be considered, in addition to aesthetics, the functional aspect must be in harmony with the body, enhancing the forms.

After the design phase, we proceed with the creation, first, we use the measures that the dress will have to establish those wooden parts; from here the woven and wood take two different paths.

fancy fashion design studio

The woven

The woven, and the parts of the dress are transferred on the woven and the latter is cut and basted, we proceed to try the dress to see how it fits and possibly will do all necessary changes, once approved is sewn and applied to the wood.

The wood

The wooden insert design is made in the size that will have to be at the end of the process, and finally moves on to the wood cut; each piece is handcrafted, to refine the lines and rounded edges; after that it gets painted and the rest of the products get adapted with wood, making it resistant and easy to maintain.
Finally, after you apply the wood to the dress, you try and evaluate the final result and hopefully you make the necessary changes.
Fancy wood lavorazione legno moda